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Originally Posted by greenology View Post
Mickhippy, when your riding over the rough terrain, do you feel the forward to back motion in your upper body? without your back against back rest. Or are you only feeling up and down movement over the ruts?

With the idea of removing the springs from the deck, I have thought of this and would like to try it if its not a big job to remove them, I havnt had a good look at it but is it a matter of just removing the tensioner nuts and then sliding the springs off? I will have a look tomorrow at that.
Only time I have issues with movement is on this lawn... You can tell by the camera shake how rough this place is and Im going very slowly. Millions of ant nests!
I can rarely sit back in the chair on any lawn. Maybe Ive just learnt how to move with the motion!!! lol

Try adjusting the back rest for more angle away from your back.

Im not really sure whats involved with taking the springs off. I personally wouldnt do it. Id adjust what ever I could before going down that road and theres a reason for them. That said, I would assume taking them off would be a real pain. No doubt it would mess up the deck level etc so is something I would get the dealer to look at. Levelling an SZ deck is no fun at all!
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