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it looks pretty good for a first time install, but a few things I see that stand out that should be addressed.

Yes, just cut whol pieces for your soldier course and loose the small wedges.

Salior course looks good, up until the walkway. I would have made the walkway about 1' wider becasue it just looks way to narrow with the salior course.

I guess this is more of a question than doing something different. But did you pull string lines when you laid your brick? 1 going perpendicular with the house/stair case and the other perpendicular with the patio area? To me it looks like your pattern got out of line somewhere. You should pull a string line off something square going each direction then start laying your pattern, that way your always laying square. THe other thing that stands out slightly, which is maybe why your walk looks a little different is that it looks like the walkway is on a slight angle instead of square off the patio wall and the rock wall.

Just a few minor things but it will all work out over time as you do more.
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