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Originally Posted by StanWilhite View Post
Hey GMLC, lord knows I don't want to fire up another ""BB debate" but what specifically isn't up to your standards? I mean, be specific, don't just make a sweeping comment like "the fit and finish aren't as good". Exactly what did you see that was inferior, and where did you see it?

And now BB is bad because they're mass produced....what isn't? This is what I'm talking about, keep slinging stuff at the wall hoping something will stick. And when it doesn't....throw something else. First I've heard of BB being "more massed produced" than all of the others.

If you knew my background I don't think you'd find too many people more picky than I am. I drive some people nuts because of being so particular.

So keeping that in mind, the welds and the finish on my Lightning are as good or better than any other I've seen. The welds are done by robotic welders that are, in my opinion, as good as it gets, and the powder coating is a helluva lot better than paint.

I will agree that they aren't as sleek as some especially (when looking from a side view) and the "wing" isn't something I would have done had I designed the mower, but come on....what's next? BB isn't as good because they're that particular shade of orange?

If I remember correctly you didn't think anything could touch the value of Scag but now you're pretty much saying the same about Gravely. You might feel that way about other products if you open your mind to different things.


These are my personal opinions which Im qualified to speak on.
I have gone into detail before and it got twisted into a sarcastic joke. I spent a good amount of time at the BB booth at the Grow's Show especially around the stander. The use of 90 degree angles without bracing or bends will stress welds and increase chances of bending the front end or frame. The reason BB does this is for simple jig set up for robots on the assembly line. It is considered cutting corners in the machine shop production world. Most major brands dont do this but its very common on chinese mowers. It saves a ton of money so costs come down. I personally was not impressed with the welds and lack of design finish. Again to lower cost. I have posted many pictures of my opinions in past threads showing all of this and more. Your reply was a sarcastic joke on angles. I suggest spending some time in a machine shop. Also you may just be shocked at how many mowers are still hand made and welded but thats a whole different argument...
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