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Originally Posted by Southern Heritage View Post
First is just purchase walk behinds. There efficient and less expensive. I've noticed the large 15+ truck operation guys only run walk behinds. They are like stated above less expensive.

This 100% true though it can be 100% misleading.

Large operations send out large crews with large trailers with 4 WB's. They buy WB's because less money, they take up less trailer space, and the guy running that business is riding his desk on a swivel chair in an AC office with his feet on his desk instead of standing all day on a stander, WB w/wo a velk.

It's not his legs that are dead at the end of the day. And to the young guy's here a warning the more you abuse your body when you are young the more it's going to wear out hurt when you get older. And, hurt sooner then it would have if you took care of your self.

If it doesn't have a seat forget it.

And if for any reason you need to use equipment where you have to stand make sure it is self propelled with a hydro for a true reverse. Pushing all day takes it's toll as well.

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