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What's the best low-cost landscape lighting system?

I'm remodeling a house for my parents to live in and need to put some lighting around a large, partially recessed, concrete ramp/walkway. Also it would be nice to continue the lighting system to other parts of the yard but that is a luxury. The budget is being used up by huge remodel items so the lighting has to be done on a tight budget unfortunately.

My goals are:

1) Keep costs low
2) Provide some basic light to the walkway at night
3) A long-term reliable system (I know that might be an issue with the budget I'm on)

Some background:

1) I put several 4" PVC sched. 40 tubes under the newly poured walkway to allow power or irrigation to get to the other side
2) 110V system is an option or low voltage if appropriate or?
3) I don't know much about landscape lighting at all but a lot about remodeling in general
4) I have had bad luck with old-technology low voltage systems on houses I bought with them pre-existing.
5) A large, raised, paver patio is under construction and perhaps the system could provide a little "walk around" lighting for that to?
6) There is one giant Oak in middle of the yard that could have accent lighting but that is really a luxury and not needed at all.

What I'm looking for:

Just general information for what type of system to get.

Thanks for any help!
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