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Detail is key in this industry. 90% of the accounts I get from other companies is due to lack of detail work or small details That were missed that most find insignificant. Your average mow,blow,go guys don't understand the need for a slower Walker mower because they are only concerned with speed. The ability to trim with both sides of the deck, fold up deck design, maneuverability, bagging capacity, and quality of cut: these are all things a high maintenance, super detailed account require. You can charge a premium price for this type of account, you can take your time, and you can provide superior quality to your customer with these machines. Most ppl don't understand what they are charging for while mowing a yard: it's not $75 to mow, it's "x" amount of dollars per minute/hour... We sell TIME. I see so many on here that focus on the quantity of yards they have, not the quality. I use to run through 150+ yards a week until I started going for quality. I now have 35 contract accounts now and make twice as much money. So walkers suck, are slow, and unnecessary?... I say keep on mowing your self to death. I'll creep along on my slow machine, sucking up the cash.
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