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I managed the development of a 1300 acre Orange Grove in central Florida, and the hogs were terrible. They would come in the grove at night and do thousands of dollars in damage. We hired three groups of "hog hunters" and they couldn't even put a dent in the population. There was one female they claimed to be over 800 lbs, and it wasn't afraid of people or dogs. They lost three of their best dogs to that hog before they bailed on the job. Of course we had lots of Panthers, Coyotes and Bobcats, but at least they didn't bother anyone or anything. Every time I was out there at night, as soon as they saw me they would run and hide. I carried a sidearm at night, but never once had to use it. The two that did the most damage were hogs and raccoons. The coons figured out how to open the ends of the irrigation lines to drink, or chew through the lines going to the micro-jets, and the hogs would root around the tree rows, destroying trees and irrigation lines. We spent more time on irrigation repairs than you could imagine, not to mention tree replacement and excavating. It was a total nightmare.
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