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The problem customers change the break downs vary but the cycle remains the same and is boring.

Jan data entry of recites and get the reports ready for the accountant.

Feb planing new advertizing for the year making new plans chasing down money owed and writing the new contracts.

March finishing what ever wasn't in Feb then spending a few days going over the shop and equipment and forgotten repairs. The spring clean ups begin the 10-20th if the weather is normal. We sign new lawns with ease as it warms up.

April Signing new customers daily .Mowing begins when it warms up and you see some growth can be the first week can be the last week. Clean ups end ferts down and soil tests and seeding jobs are being done.

May regular mowing but very lush next round of fert end of the seeding jobs and mulch jobs are being done.

June regular mowing can be as hard as May all side work is completed shrub trimming begins.

July next round of fert summer mowing mild drought is the norm. Trimming jobs continue.

August it gets wet lawns green up and everyone pretends they don't. Same thing every year cheep people freak that their lawns betray them and grow after we get the rains. We finish trimming and lime goes down.

Sept round 4 of fert regular mowing any new trimming or seeding jobs.

Oct mowing with the aggravation of leaves the later we get. The crab grass lawns slow down the fertilized lawns go nuts. We finish seeding we finish lime applications and round 5 of fert.

Nov 1-2 weeks of mowing followed by a week of prep for fall clean ups followed by 7 days a week clean up schedule if its nice or workable were out.

Dec clean ups continue finishing around the 10-20th unless we get snow interruptions then it gets ugly.

Jan repeat of last year. How is that not boring its just one giant cycle.
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