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Originally Posted by StanWilhite View Post
I'm not aware of BB having anymore problems with their frames than anyone else....are you? If they can save money by not using curves, and the quality doesn't suffer, then great!

As I said before, my son owns a 252 that listed for more than my Lightning and anyone seeing them side by side in person couldn't possible say that the 252 is heavier built, in fact I think almost all would say the opposite....and that includes "fit and finish".

I'm very happy with my BB and when I hear negative remarks that I feel aren't warranted I'm gonna speak up...just like you would if someone persistently took (what you felt were) unfair "pot shots" at Scag or Gravely.
I remember the early Exmarks had problems with cracking welds with this design.

This is my personal opinion only. Honestly I don't know if Gravely should keep the 200 series. I think it makes more sense to make the 100 series(small frame ZTR) with the 400 series features like air seat and isolated platforms etc. Drop the 200 series(large frame ZTR) and only offer the 400 series(also a large frame ZTR) and 100 series. It makes no sense to buy a 200 series when you can get the 400 series for a little bit more and its twice the machine. The 200 series is entry level compared to the 400 series!!!

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