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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
I use the speed on only a handful of properties. Mainly to zip from backyard to front, or to go from trailer to grass. That being said, on past demo's of slower mowers, I found myself bottoming the sticks out on the stops and wanting more speed.

Also, the latest generation of flex forks are definitely stiffer then Version 1.0 of the 2006 era. With the machines being heavier themselves, I guess it was mandatory. My biggest complaint with the older versions were the crop circles from them being too bouncy when coming to a stop. Now they're perfect, and if Hustler ever decides to offer EFI and bigger fuel tanks, I would most definitely go with the flex-forks.
yaa that big 37 would be alot better with EFI,fuel savings alone would be thousands over the life of the mower.

How much in speculation do you think a BB would help the XR7 mowers?
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