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Originally Posted by weaver122876 View Post
Now I'm just asking, but why do most all small engine manufacturers recommend changing the oil Evey 50 hours and filter 100 hours? To me it just seems like it's not worth the risk. There was another guy here that sent his in and they said at 150 hours it was still good. I just se all the guys that get big hours out of there engines stay strictly to the 50/100 hour guideline.
B/c at those will surely for the most part, not run into any manufacturers say to change you motor oil at 3-K. Most mechanics will tell you on dino oil you can go to 5-K these days. I run Amsoil in my Tundra and go to 15-K. An oil report doesn't lie.

Why throw away good oil? If it is totally fine changing every 125-150 hours...why change at 50?

BTW-I sent in oil from this same mower at 50 hours....there was still TONS of additives in the oil....50 hours was a waste.
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