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Originally Posted by greenology View Post
The suspension seat is set as stiff as it goes in this video, I think its 130kg. I have tried all different settings on the seat. The tires have been down to 8 PSI, It didnt help at all as I have said. The dealer are the ones who put the pressure back up after I put them down.

I dont know why you guys think I am cutting at 15 MPH, I should do a video of me cuttign at 15 MPH just to show you guys how slow im actually going in comparison.

You guys all keep saying this lawn is very rough. I have been cutting on this lawn for over 2 yrs and my previous zero turns I could run flat out 13 KPH over all these bumps WITHOUT any problem whatsoever. the old one had no flex forks, no seat suspension. I assure you they did NOT buck and bull like this machine does. I cant go 3 KPH over all the bumps I encounter or I will be out there all day to complete just 1 lawn.

This machine is very rough either accross the board, or there is something specific with my build that is yet to be identified.

Im sure this is not as simple as me being a complete idiot who cant figure out how to operate a new zero turn correctly, as you all seem to be suggesting.

That aside, I do appreciate peoples input, I assure you all that every time I take the machine out I am trying to ride it in a way that doesnt cause the jerking in my body, its something I definately want to avoid! accept in those videos I was happy for it to do it all the time to show whats happening, therefor they are very dramatic.
Well, unless the female in the video is waaaay heavier than she appears to be, the seat couldn't have been set at the top for her there. She wouldn't have had enough body weight to get the seat to bounce and buckle on every single bump like it does in your video.

I don't think you are getting what we are saying either. I don't believe many, if anyone have said they thought you were going/mowing 15 MPH. I know I didn't say that.

I didn't say that you didn't know how to do anything with a Z either. I did say to check your tire gauge though, to make sure it is working correctly. 8 PSI isn't much pressure, and many gauges simply don't read accurately that low, even if they say they can go down to 1lb PSI.

Common sense dictates that your machine simply can't be that far off from any other machine as far as the ride goes. There has to be some easy and logical corrections that can be made to it. You may have mowed that property on other machines in the past, but IIRC, Mickhippy said that you guys have been in a drought? That would certainly make the ground a lot harder to ride over. Whether or not you want to believe it,, the ground in the video is very rough, and that's easy too see just by watching the rear tires bounce.

If you come to a public forum and ask for opinions or help, you gotta be willing to listen, especially when the vast majority of the posters are telling you the same thing.
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