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Originally Posted by goinggreen123 View Post
I use to work for a very big company I was the head man incharge of well over 120 accounts. My customers loved me and I loved them. I am no longer working for the company and starting my own business. Is it legal to talk to my old customers into going with my company? I know its wrong but the person who owns the company deserves it.
You are going to land yourself in a courtroom soon if your try to steal his customers. Even if you didn't sign a non-compete form he can still try to sue you. Will he win? probubly not because the courts cannot stop anyone from trying to make a living................but can you afford all the legal fees/lawyer fees that come with being sued?

Is it really worth it? If you are as good as you say your are, or think you are then it should be very easy for you to land new clients and not have to deal with the courts.
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