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Originally Posted by dwc View Post
It's one and done and they will go back to the exact spot they were hatched and came from to lay their eggs. However as a few have pointed out, with the drought affecting a big part of the US, all bugs including beetles are acting crazy. We have noticed grubs being attracted to irrigated lawns since all the other areas that are not irrigated are as hard as concrete. Couple that with the extreme heat and the life cycle of many insects is all messed up this year.
the few damages i have, are on irrigated lawns. I am afraid of not getting it watered in and do apply sometimes a bit early. If i waited 2 more weeks, none of my grub control would have been watered in except irrigated lawns.

so, in that case, hmmmmmmmmm.

also though, i experienced the same as above. more than anything though, the grubs are under threshold enough, but the skunks etc are ripping the lawns up feeding on those near wooded areas and irrigated. they know where to look
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