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Originally Posted by exmark614 View Post
Doesn't surprise me. I love that they are successful but don't like that they bring in illegals and such. I'm not trying to offend anyone but I do not hire mexicans, especially if they can't speak english. Just makes your company look bad. My guys are professionally trained and my company's motto is to put professionalism back into the industry. That being we keep ourselves clean and wear clean company shirts and khaki work pants/shorts for summer and brown work boots. I think we as owners should invest the money into shirts, pants/shorts, and boots for our employees to make our companies look professional, as well as keep our equipment clean. It looks like those brickman trucks haven't been cleaned in weeks. It's up to us to improve the industry and weed out the jockeys that are fat, don't shave, and wear ripped up t shirts.
I'm super late into this but I came across this reply and I completely agree with looking professional and keeping the equipment clean! People will appreciate it.
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