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Mowing Pricing - "Odd Numbers" and Price Increases

When quoting prices for mowing I have been setting my prices in $5 increments.

I'm curious if that is a "standard", or if it's just as "normal" to set a price such as $32, or $38?

I ask for a few reasons, but mainly because I'd like to raise my prices on some of my lawns next season, but either (a) don't feel a $5 increase is warranted on some of them and (b) not sure some people would be agreeable with a $5 increase. While some may grumble about $5, they may not take issue with a $2/$3 increase.

A few random bits of info:
I'm a solo operator finishing up my second full season at this.
I use a 36" walk behind and a 21" mower. I have no high-end clients with large lawns requiring a ZTR - most of my lawns are smaller based on the fact that I started with only the 21" mower and took jobs initially that were suited for that type of mower.
I would say my average price is $30/$35 - some are $25 and some are $40/$50 with most falling in at the $30 mark.
(I just picked up the walk behind this season, so now I'm focusing on only accepting new jobs that pay $35 or more)

I don't do billing at this point.
I have two main payment options - pre-pay, or pay at time of service.
I do send a "bill" (an email with amount due) to a few, but the vast majority pay at time of service. (payment is waiting in predetermined spot - this seems to be standard operating procedure here because 90% of new clients tell me where they will leave payment before I even bring it up)

I don't particularly care what method people pay me - cash or check - but many do pay cash, and I'm also wondering if having an "odd" amount would make collecting more complicated. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't have any "ones" on me, here's $35, can I pay you the extra $3 next week?"

Thanks in advance for your input.
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