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Originally Posted by italianstallion69 View Post
@muddywater- what kind of one man powerhead are you using?

I use 2 43cc ardisams with 8" and 12" bits and one groundhog hd99 hydraulic with a 18"

the ardisams suck to start, takes ~5 mins every morning to get em going, even had my engine guy look at he said its fine.

are the echos any better (for 2x the price?)

like you- i always put 2 guys on a one man auger. very fast! and manueverable.
Damn those ardisams are cheap. I could have bought two for the price of my echo. How are the quality of those? I saw something similar on ebay, but i worried if they would even make it to 3000 holes. And then i cant get parts or have anyone to work on them. The echo just barely has adaquate power. It probably needs a seal at the shaft after this job. We had to put grease in it each morning. I think i should have gotten the stihl model, it might be a little tougher.
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