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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
I gave $10.6 (total out the door) for mine with the flex forks installed. I would never pay for anything up front when a bank will give me 0% interest, and no payment until April. Why would anyone in their right mind use their money when you can use the banks at a one time only 2% of total cost up front.
Hey Puppy I have an idea for you, there is a guy selling 26 X 12's that are new on ebay. They are for Hustler with Hustler rims of off the diesels.

He wants a 100 $ for each one,you could put those on your new Super. it would pull them with no problem and give you 8 percent or so more speed. If you did that and put the 15's on front that would be awesome and may ride and grip a good bit better. It would definitely look way cooler.

We could call it the Puppy Super Duper Z, it could be awesome and you would have the only one. What go you think.
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