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Originally Posted by StanWilhite View Post
Had a couple of afterthoughts after leaving the computer from my last post.

In all fairness to Gravely the 460 I rode around on (they wouldn't let me turn the deck on so I certainly can't use the word demo):
The area I rode it on had gravel/ rocks that were from very small to about 1" in dia. This, coupled with the solid front tires, made the ride much rougher than a grassy surface would.

I never have been able to discern what the specific terms are for the several different types of castor tires that are used on the ZTR's. I've heard some call a certain type one thing while someone else called it something different. There was a thread that covered this but I think there was still a lack of agreement then.

The type tire that is on the front of my Lightning holds air but can be run even without air pressure so you can use the mower until you can fix the puncture. Some called them "run flats" and I've heard some refer to them as "hybrid", so I'm not sure what the correct term is.

But, seems to me, since you can still run them "flat" it seems to me that the term "run flats" would be correct. If the tires on your Gravely don't hold air, you can't have a "flat", so it seems odd that anyone would call them "run flats".

But, the tires on the front of the 460 I rode around on were solid, special deal or not, I don't know, I didn't ask.
I have to agree with you here. All the names are confusing! I just wish that dealer didnt put solid tires on the 460 as the hybrid tires are one of the key features that contribute to the amazing ride and works in conjuntion with the air seat and isolated platforms...
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