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Originally Posted by OakNut View Post
I don't "have" to collect at time of service, but by doing so, I don't need to send out invoices and such. I assume that at some point I may find it more desirable to go that route, but currently it works quite well.
It's actually not very often that someone forgets to leave payment "under the mat" either. Many write a check every week - makes no sense to me. I'd just pay for the whole month if I were the one writing checks, but that's me.

As for writing "one check a month", I think there are always customers who are OK with spending $35/week, but when they see $140, they start to think "Hmmm... maybe I will just cut it myself?"
It obviously depends on the market you're in and I can say that I work in a mix of areas from semi-wealthy, to dirt-poor, so it's something I have to consider. I always give people the option of paying for the month, and a few do, but most pay weekly.

As for "making change", I rarely take payment in person. Most people are working when I am there to cut.

Thanks for your input! I'm not opposed to rethinking the way I do things and it's always helpful to hear from those who have experience in such things.

Glad to help. We have a mixture of both residential but started out all commercial, so invoicing was the only way to get paid! Since we already had the system in place it was a no brainer to continue that route.

I'm learning a lot from you guys too, since residential is a different beast from commercial. I hadn't entertained the thought that some customers may be more comfortable weekly because of the higher "price" on the check...thanks!
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