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Originally Posted by watsmi57 View Post
good choice. you will be happy with it. my 36 leaves a better cut than my 52. it's sole purpose is to go the places the 52 can't get. i use it in tight spots, gated back yards, and ditches. get ya a sulky and then you can ride. hydro is the only way to go. that mower is 37" wide. the gear drive 36 is much wider.
It cuts great, we picked up the mower this past Friday afternoon and I've cut 2 small lawns with it so far and it leaves a very nice cut! We planned on getting the Exmark Turf Tracer 36 Hydro, but changed our minds to the Gravely because of the year-end deals going on right now (saved a bunch of $$). Plus I think now the Gravely Pro-Walk Hydro is just as good of cutting machine as the Turf Tracer.

We also got this mower for tight areas, mostly backyards with gates. Yesterday we got the two-wheel velkie by Wright (it's pretty beefy)..much better than walking for sure!

We ride Hustlers and stand on Exmarks.
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