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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
Well with prices that low I can see not rounding to the nearest $5. Most of my lawns are $50 or more.
All my accounts have yards under 10,000 sqft and that includes the house and any other structures. Not 10,000sqft of lawn. They're all flat and no obstructions. My smallest lawn, we're in and out under 10min. I couldn't justify charging over $20. We do both houses on either side of them, so we're not driving there to do just the one lawn.
A good sized corner lot in the area may command $40, but with the amount of companies in the area, it's very competitive. There are properties I've bid on in the mid to upper 30's, but didn't get them. One house was one the hook for $32 and then asked if it would be the same for bi-weekly. I told him it would be a couple dollars more and didn't hear back from him. Lawn cutting isn't our primary department. We mainly do designs, landscape and hardscape,pond etc. We've just recently started doing lawns, but for me I use it more as an stepping stone to reach more clients. I make a small profit from them, definitely don't lose money, but the smaller profit on lawn cutting is worth getting the patios, plant designs etc.
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