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I should explain a little better. When we develope maintenance quoyes for our customers we are doing everything and dont let them worry about it. Pruning is always occuring because over the week branches can break or a disease can develop etc. However once per year on all the shrubs we will prune all shrubs. Spring flowering shrubs get pruned in the spring and then summer flowering shrubs in the fall. Anything that flowers late in the year (potentilla, summer sweet, etc) wr will dormant prune either in the winter or very early spring. However throughout the season we lightly prune these to keep them looking good which may mean every 2 weeks. The renewal pruning just occurs once. Noe in addition as we develop maintenance programs we evauluate our customers landscapes and incorporate dormant pruning where we will do rejuvination and hair cut pruning every few years.

Now formal shrubs (yews boxwood juniper) get sheered throughout the season and that may mean 2 times or 5 times.

We do a lot of high end residential maintenance and as i said they juat want us to handle thingas and not worry about it. On a stop we dont do a mow trim blow. Its mow trim full detail each week (sometimes full detail 2xs per week depending on the custimer. Meaning pull weeds edge prune and sheer anything. Water pick up leafs apply fertilizers insecticides replace dead sod or grass seed you name it.
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