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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
Would i be able to find just a front door for my mustang skidsteer?
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it would take a little work but you can get a standard door kit and have a lexan insert made. I know a place that does it but they need the pattern. I shipped them an old window and they made me an exact fit lexan replacement for a Bobcat K series rated to 300 mph impact.

Definitely get the lexan if you go with a mulcher. A lot can go wrong. I have small logs ejected that destroyed the metal threshold (bent it into my cab) on a K series Bobcat door frame. That would have been painful had it only been glass and luckily it hit the $50 metal threshold and not my $500 lexan door. My doors now are about $1000 to replace. Sucks but it's a safety thing. I've seen guys operating mulchers with glass doors or no doors at all. Used to be a video of a guy operating a mulcher with a motorcycle helmet (open cab). Didn't see any body armor..

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