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Originally Posted by 1Sharkey View Post
The trucks are Peterbilts and they are totally aware of our maintenance program. We use their software to track it. We would not do anything to void the warranty on a 125000 dollar truck. These trucks hold 12 gallons of engine oil. We run three different engines Cat Cummins and PACCAR.

Change your oil how you wish. We lab the oil on all our trucks. We just found out we had an injector going out due to oil analysis.
Diesel and gasoline engines are two completely separate technologies and do not provide data that is useful for the purpose of oil change interval comparisons, not to mention your trucks see mostly highway miles, there is no way a diesel Peterbilt traveling cross country compares to a gasoline-driven quarter ton pickup truck that sees all stop-and-go city driving, not to mention lawn mowers.

You can't run synthetic for 85,000 miles in no quarter ton gasser and I don't care who you are, it will most likely cause engine damage over time and at the very least performance losses that will cost you in terms of fuel economy alone.

And in terms of hours, we were talking gasoline-powered lawn mowers.

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