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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
I second what PP originally stated. I haven't spent any time on the VX4 buy my SZ standard deck and my XR7 can cut fast even in this thick northern fescue and leave a pool table type surface. I have a few accounts in HOAs at the entrances and common areas that aren't as thick and aren't irrigated and I can and do run full stick. The flex forks have a few negatives till you get use to them and my 66" XR7 with extra baffles and roller/striper is stupid heavy to float (wife can't do it). But they're productive units cutting. They ride nice due to good balance, with the longer wheel base, low center of gravity, and flex forks. Exmarks, Gravelys, etc. are compact machines but suffer when it comes to ride. If you took the seats off my SZ and my 460 the SZ would ride better and would leave a smoother cut. I'm actually considering trying to install flex forks on my 460. My real problem with my SZ is with the clippings on the manicured lawns. Yea I can fly and save time but the grass is covered in a blanket of clippings. In some cases the time I saved is burned up blowing clippings around with my blower.
I thought the 460 was a better ride than a Hustler? that 460 sure is compact. I am to tall for a 460 but thay are nice.
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