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OP, I found a similar situation going from an XR7 SZ to the Gravely 460. The property I have is rough, flat, wide open, I cut fast, and when the sun goes down shows every uneven cut (you can see if you ck my posts). Yes the 460's seat and isolation is awesome but if you removed both seats and ran them my SZ (with flex forks) rides smoother and leaves a smoother cut on this particular property. After a whole season of beating this into the ground I believe in my case that the 460 is lighter in the front end causing the front to bounce more, also it has a shorter wheel base which directly effects the ride, a ever so slightly higher COG, and lastly like others stated, on my 460 there is so much give in the seat design (which can be adjusted) that the rocking and bouncing will make you move the steering sticks unless you can be super limp wristed to absorb the motion. Then after trying all sorts of things I believe I found my answer to the extreme difference in machine rides. I've cut this property with my SZs for the last 7 years and I think my ruts from years of SZ (even when changing the pattern every time) are oddly positioned in such a way that the shorter wheel base of the 460 hits the ruts in a terrible out of sync manner if this makes sense. Feels like I'm on a bucking bronc if I push my speed. I think if the rut pattern from my SZ was narrow or wider that the 460 would not react so violently. In summary your previous mowers rut width may be spaced in such a way that the SZ is hitting the ruts out of time or sync. So yes the 460 may have room for a tweak of improvement here or there but I concluded that it's not so much the mower to blame but the rut pattern of the property. Don't know if I'm making sense.
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