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Originally Posted by thompsonslawncare View Post
Anyone else do sub contract work for brickman. He in Harrisburg pa my buddy did some snow removal work for them. He is still waiting to be paid. They told him its because his insurance wasn't right. IfI his insurance wasn't right then why did they use him, he had to show proof of his insurance before getting the jobs.
I did job last year and at end of season last month of mowing it took me 3 months to get my money I called they told me they lost the invoice so I would send a copy then next time I called they told me they already paid it and there check came back I told them send me a copy of the return check
The check they sent paid Sept invoice not Oct So I called again told them.
I then told them in 15 days Im turning it over to my lawyer. I got paid
Never again I'll work for them

I talk few others around here had same problems

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