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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
Well, unless the female in the video is waaaay heavier than she appears to be, the seat couldn't have been set at the top for her there. She wouldn't have had enough body weight to get the seat to bounce and buckle on every single bump like it does in your video.

I don't think you are getting what we are saying either. I don't believe many, if anyone have said they thought you were going/mowing 15 MPH. I know I didn't say that.

I didn't say that you didn't know how to do anything with a Z either. I did say to check your tire gauge though, to make sure it is working correctly. 8 PSI isn't much pressure, and many gauges simply don't read accurately that low, even if they say they can go down to 1lb PSI.

Common sense dictates that your machine simply can't be that far off from any other machine as far as the ride goes. There has to be some easy and logical corrections that can be made to it. You may have mowed that property on other machines in the past, but IIRC, Mickhippy said that you guys have been in a drought? That would certainly make the ground a lot harder to ride over. Whether or not you want to believe it,, the ground in the video is very rough, and that's easy too see just by watching the rear tires bounce.

If you come to a public forum and ask for opinions or help, you gotta be willing to listen, especially when the vast majority of the posters are telling you the same thing.

The seat was set at the top, that im sure about, so im not sure why its bouncing more than you would expect. I can say that I notice the seat is a lot firmer when I set it to the highest as you would expect. Anyway I have today set it to 10kg above my weight as MickHippy has suggested. Also moved the back rest all the way back which has helped, most of the time on the hustler i dont lean on the backrest though.

The point about the 15 MPH is Im getting a lot of comments from not just on her but hustler rep & dealers telling me I shouldnt be cutting at 15 MPH and expect a good ride, it really goes without saying... but yet ppl continue to mention it. Maybe not yourself though.

I will buy a low pressure guage asap and make sure I get the tires down to 8 PSI, this has got to soak up a certain percentage of the bumps off coarse.

The ground im mowing in there has always been this rough, not sure why its possibly from water run off over time. But keeping in mind that this is not the only lawn with bumps, 90 % of my lawns have them and the mower will react in the same way on those lawns also, just on other lawns there is a good break in between rough sections.

I must admit my only reason for coming on this forum was to find out whether there was other people having the same issues as me, but it was a little frustrating to find out no one else seems to have the problem. However i certainly do appreciate the time ppl are goign to giving me tips etc so I am more than happy to now take it all on board and continue trying to adapt to the mower. This is off coarse the best scenario for me, i definately dont want to lose moner selling the mower and I dont want to continue using it whereby it makes me nasueas, so ill do as much as I can so I can get to a point where im a happy hustler client.
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