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Originally Posted by Mickhippy View Post
I agree the new hydros should be able to turn them no worries but with the higher back end means more pitch to the deck to level. That means greater angle on the pulleys and belt.
Heres a pic of an 08 SZ with larger tires. I found out later the dealer didnt do a thing to the deck. Machine was for home use only so the hydro are probably ok (who knows for sure though), but can you imagine the pitch on the deck?
Wont let me upload the pic again so check out this old thread...
You would run 15's on the front like gravely to offset the pitch,the new Super should come with bigger tire n wheels and it should ride smoother with them, a 60 24's are ok but for a 72 it is unacceptable. Exmark was running 26's at one time.

My72 slides around to much because the weight of the machine over powers the traction available.

Hopefully somebody will see this and buy the 26's on Ebay and give a report on how it works.

I would buy a new Super right now at the great deals being offered but I cannot justfy it at all with the amount if work I cut at the momment. I have some 26's on my exmark out back but will not bother putting them on my 72 because the girly drive XR7 model I own. It really should make these mowers work a good bot better.

Thanks for your post's, they are enlightning. The clown operating the Super in the videos looks like he bought the mower to play with rather than cut grass. I love the way the people in the video were clapping for a idiot running a mower on the road, looked like a Jerry's kids convention.

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