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I know this will sound strange to most people, but tilling through a "prepared seedbed" for a lawn is something that should be gotten back to... this business with LCOs using skidsters on decent topsoil lawns is really an indication that lawn prep is more lazy than professional...

Somehow there got to be a twisted view of professionalism, in that "The Toys Make The Man", rather than "The Lawn Demonstrates Excellence"... the simple concept of compaction to the extreme is secondary to Mr. Pro, driving around a 4k lawn with a skidster looking like a real scaper...

4" of good topsoil compressed onto the preexisting ground, is not remedied by 2-3" aeration plugs, even after 10 years... market excellence with the tiller,,, on lawns under 4k, it doesn't even make sense to haul a skidster on site, especially with trees or even the placement of the house, but a "Real Scaper" can't be seen using a tiller... how silly does that look to people who haven't bought in to the idea of bigger toys makes a better scaper???
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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