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I have a 21" Honda that never leaves the garage. I had a 36" belt drive Toro with the "T" bar steering. I was using it mostly for trimming ditches and it wasn't very good for that. I traded up to a 36" Exmark which I like much better, but wish I'd bought the hydro model.
I owned a 48" ZTR for a short while. Bought it for trimming too. Because the rear wheels were the same width as the deck it couldn't trim worth a darn either.

My nephew wants to start his own lawncare operation in Cincinnati. I tell him what he needs is a 48" Wright stander and he already has a 21" mower. he thinks Cincinnati is too hilly for a stander and is looking at a WB with a sulkey. I told him it wouldn't be nearly as quick & agile as a stander.

I don't own a Stander, but I've watched competitors operate them and I've tried them at the EXPO in Louisville. They're fast and fun to run.
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