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Watch the video

Here's the video again of the problem:

Is it possible that the right side could have a bent push rod, causing the valves to not open/close when they should? Let's assume it's not electrical since I JUST did replace both coils and plugs for a different problem. Could that abrupt slow down and nearly stopping of the engine at full throttle by hitting the rock cause a push rod to get bent? When I put my finger inside the oil fill hole/valve cover and felt the push rods, they felt pretty small and thin to me...maybe as a precaution to sacrifice a push rod in a case like this rather than causing more serious damage?

After watching the video, what are your opinions for what's wrong?

Also, I obviously have easy access to the rocker/valve cover and I assume the push rods would be easy to get out and replace, but I'm not sure about getting the rockers adjusted properly. I have the FH770D repair manual with all the info on how to do it but do you think this would be something I should attempt at home or just let the dealer do it, if the push rods are indeed what's wrong? I'm fairly mechanically inclined since my dad was a life-long mechanic but my only concern is making sure I get the valves/rocker arms adjusted right. I know it involves spinning the engine to the piston is in a certain position for the adjustments but really how difficult is that?

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