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This seems to be the industry standard right now. With so many lazy people out there its tough to find even mediocre help. You will have far less stress when either solo or running a 1 man crew. Its a nasty circle, solo limits the amount of income you can make and types of properties you can do, if you get hurt or sick your basically screwed. BUT...the stress level is much lower, the quality control is much better and you pocket all the money minus the usual expenses. Running a crew has its goods and bads too. Trust me guys, the big box stores, condo complexes, big estates sometimes aren't worth the headaches! We started out like many, part time with 1 great helper then made the jump to f/t and running 2 crews. It's had it's share of ups and downs and honestly more downs. Just like today, as I'm sitting here typing I'm wondering why hasn't any of my guys texted me to see if we're working! We have been plagued with employee problems this year. Last week there was 2 of us trying to mow and catch up on 140 lawns! We did it but it's something I dont want to do every week. We're actually down sizing next season to where I can comfortably run 1 f/t and 1 p/t person and leave me to do more fert. and estimates.
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