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Originally Posted by easy-lift guy View Post
I have seen this damage due to the vapor from chlorine from pools. I have not seen it for everyone of my accounts but I have seen it. There are many other factors that are in play with this issue as well. My suggestion was not the only cause for the spots on the turf, try reading some or all of the other post before you decide to pass judgement on one reply.
easy-lift guy
i am not trying tp pass judgement. just show me the facts where this has ever happened. If chlorine was that strong every woman that was in that pool with dyed hair would be pink, (or green) all the bathing suits would fall apart. enough bad information is passed on the internet. show me proof and i will say im sorry. till then. aint no way.
if it is fact like i said before since people load chlorine up in a pool all the time this would be a common complaint. I was a pool owner for 27 years and never had it happen here in florida.
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