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Originally Posted by greenology View Post
The seat was set at the top, that im sure about, so im not sure why its bouncing more than you would expect. I can say that I notice the seat is a lot firmer when I set it to the highest as you would expect. Anyway I have today set it to 10kg above my weight as MickHippy has suggested. Also moved the back rest all the way back which has helped, most of the time on the hustler i dont lean on the backrest though.

The point about the 15 MPH is Im getting a lot of comments from not just on her but hustler rep & dealers telling me I shouldnt be cutting at 15 MPH and expect a good ride, it really goes without saying... but yet ppl continue to mention it. Maybe not yourself though.

I will buy a low pressure guage asap and make sure I get the tires down to 8 PSI, this has got to soak up a certain percentage of the bumps off coarse.

The ground im mowing in there has always been this rough, not sure why its possibly from water run off over time. But keeping in mind that this is not the only lawn with bumps, 90 % of my lawns have them and the mower will react in the same way on those lawns also, just on other lawns there is a good break in between rough sections.

I must admit my only reason for coming on this forum was to find out whether there was other people having the same issues as me, but it was a little frustrating to find out no one else seems to have the problem. However i certainly do appreciate the time ppl are goign to giving me tips etc so I am more than happy to now take it all on board and continue trying to adapt to the mower. This is off coarse the best scenario for me, i definately dont want to lose moner selling the mower and I dont want to continue using it whereby it makes me nasueas, so ill do as much as I can so I can get to a point where im a happy hustler client.
I have no problem seeing exactly what is causing the bouncing, and it is definitely coming from the washboard effect of the ruts which came from water washing soil away over the years. I could also see immediately you were running nowhere close to the Super Z's top speed, if running over the ruts at that speed you would be leaving the seat if not strapped in very tightly.

The one thing I do have a problem with is you saying you have cut this same property on a previously owed ztr at 13 mph without seeing the bouncing you are experiencing with the Super Z. That my friend is not possible, my new longer wheel base Super Z would not ride smoothly over this ground, but much better than a shorter wheel base ztr equipped with only a suspension seat.

Think of this ground in terms of water you are riding across in a boat, the chop on water which has the peaks of its waves spaced out at a certain distance may be extremely rough riding in, lets say an 18' boat. You can take the same boat and add only 3' to its length making it a 21' boat, which in return will allow the boat to reach across, and stay on top of the waves making for a much smoother ride. The reason I use this illustration comes from many years of operating boats in size from 10' to 52'... the shorter, lighter boat will beat your brains out, while the heavier, longer boat gives a much superior ride. Weight and length is the part of the equation that makes basically anything ride better.
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