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Originally Posted by Ziob View Post
posting this under my buddies account i picked up two kawasaki trimmers for free kgt27a one is pretty shot for parts and one has very low hours good condition.....put a new spark plug in it and it starts right up....runs....idles fine but has absolutely no balls whatsoever.....even floored it just doggs it and does get enough rpms or power to even get the head going well enough to use. tried cleaning the carb with no this a carbeurator issue where i could slap a new carb on and solve the problem or is the engine cooked and just has no compression anymore to have any power? like i said it'll start up idle the whole nine yards but when you floor it it just boggs no power. got them for free just wondering....worst case i junk them.
Sounds like you got the spark issue taken care of so then that leaves fuel.

My Kawasaki bogs a little bit until it's warmed up. Have you let it warm up fully before giving it full throttle?

I usually gradually increase the throttle until it gets to WOT and runs without bogging. Then it's warmed up.
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