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It is highly unlikely that the abrupt stop caused any valve train issues, including a bent push rod. The valve train is only doing what the crank tells it to, weather the engine was turned off and stopped or stopped abruptly wouldn't make much of a difference to the valve train.

The abrupt stop could have possibly caused the timing gears to jump a tooth, all be it unlikely. The more likely option is you sheared the flywheel key which screwed up the ignition timing.

What you need to do is a compression check and a leak down test on both cylinders to find out if there is any mechanical issues. Once you do that then you can go from there. Assuming that is fine, replace the fly wheel key and enjoy your mower.

If you're feeling ambitious and/or don't have the tools to do a compression/leak down test, just pull the flywheel off and check if the key is sheared.
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