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Posts: 10,953 could be a little me. Read the seed label carefully, with a critical eye. Seed was tested in April; germination is not likely as high as it was in April. The "sell by" date is July 13...I hope this stuff was on sale.
Other crop means quackgrass 0.17 percent. At least this is low.
Inert matter is .57 percent--which to me means--the seed treatment listed above is no more than .57 percent of the bag, (less than 2 tenths pound). Those ingredients plus colorant were applied to the seed and then it was dried.

They must think lawn guys are gullible.

I was at home Depot yesterday and looked at some Vigoro tall fescue seed. It showed almost no weed seed, no "other crop", but THEN, it listed as "Undesirable grass types: Poa annua at 9 seeds per pound."

This is so frustrating. When are the seed test labs and government label regulations going to catch up to the 21st century and list poa annua as a weed?
Is there any state that requires poa annua contamination on the seed label?
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