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I would like to clear up a few points.

First:: Liquid Fert is not necessarily FOLIAR Fertilization. Once applied past the point of run off the application is a root up take.

Second:: We can talk general blends like the 33-0-17 that was a special Lesco Blend at one time. But everyones soil and climate is different and tweaking that blend to your conditions is the Trick.

Third:: Turf type plays a big role also. Both in Fertilizer requirements and Method of Application. My thick St Augustine turf needs 5 gallon per thousand to penetrate deep enough to do any good. Some People even believe is going 10 gallons or more. I use a wand with a 40 Degree tip that I hold about 16 inches off the ground and over lap 3 times. So WHAT & HOW you do it can make a differences.

Forth Point:: so far every element compound talked about in this Thread is in fact BOOM & BUST FERTILIZER. Timing is critical and I might suggest slow release Granular as a back up. Or use Granules as your main program with a Liquid back up.

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6 weeks is about the life of a Liquid app in my sandy soil. Your Texas Clay should hold up longer.


it is one thing to do a off label applications. It is total stupidity to post it on the world wide web and expect people to approve.

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