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Originally Posted by S. Scapes View Post
The km 90 works just as hard as the fs 90. Very easy to switch the attachments. However, if the km90 somehow breaks, make sure you're carrying your TB trimmer for back-up until you can have another stihl as your back-up.
The TB will definetly become a back-up as it still works very good! Its just 10" shorter than the FS 90 and a whopping 14lbs. Its getting to become a little hard on the body.

Originally Posted by caseysmowing View Post
The 90 will be good for trimming and edging. But trust me the 130 is the way to go. I have both and had the 90 first then got the 130. The 90 will be alittle weak on edging a overgrown sidewalk or curb the first time but would be fine after the first go around. They are both good on fuel and like I said the 130 is only .2lbs more. When I pick up mine I don't know which one I have untill I fire them up. I have the trimmer, edger, blower, saw, and tiller for mine. The next will the the adjustable hedge trimmer and extensions. Hope this helps!
My TB does have an edger attachment and is very weak when it comes to an overgrown sidewalk, but i didnt think any stick edger was for cutting a new edge anyways. Thanks a bunch.
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