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Originally Posted by lotsagrass View Post
Ok, thanks. Maybe you already said that and I just mis-read it :-) This thing is driving me nuts. Thanks everyone for the look and replies. I'm hoping it's actually a bent push rod (mildly bent) because that will be easier to fix/get to. I already have a dealer in town that has the parts available for that repair and I can do it myself. I found some other posts on here and other sites that explain how to easily make sure you're at TDC with the piston and so on. If it IS the flywheel, I think I can still do it, but it'll be a pain in the rear since I'll need to remove much more to get to it and maybe even take the engine loose.
I really doubt it's a push rod.

Flywheel key really isn't that bad, Removing the engine is usually as easy as removing the belts, a few wire connections and 4 bolts. Then set the engine on a bench, remove the cover, remove the fly wheel bolt and pull the flywheel off, it's not too bad.
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