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Still dry where you are? Its weather--ship weather happens. I would go ahead, but be sure to be prepared for your customers to holler--some of them will not be happy. Offer to broadcast seed. Spray weeds too--same problem. Perennial weeds like violets, ground ivy, and dandelions will be controlled (slowly). You just have to switch to a slow release nitrogen product, and explain to your customers that it will probably rain within 3 weeks. The fertilizer will then go to work and stimulate the grass to thicken and winterize it for quick greenup in spring. Be sure to explain how you are using a special fertilizer blended by your dealer to suit your city's drought situation. (neither Scotts nor your competition has this formula, of course.) Be sure to offer a refund or (redo in fall or spring) if the grass doesn't look good enough to satisfy the customer by December first. Be sure to use fear--a powerful motivating factor. Without proper care in fall, the customer may need a whole lawn resod in spring. And mention the approximate price. And the chance for crabgrass. In any case, be prepared to resod or reseed some lawns in spring.
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