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Originally Posted by Realslowww View Post
I just had a conversation with a dealer who sells alot of these and he said he has had a few complaints about the ride from guy's who own both the XR7 and new Super, he said the complaint came from guy's who own like 30 or 40 Super Z's so he took note.

It seems to be flex forks are the norm on these mowers and that was the cure he told me.

Puppy you are wrong about added weight helping the ride, it's your enemy and a stiffer more heavily built frame will add to it,and added weight on hills will cause the mower to slide down more not give more traction.
I have no problem agreeing to disagree with you...I've been on entirely too much light equipment versus heavy equipment to ever believe lighter weight promotes a better ride. As a matter of fact, given the size of a lighter weight truck versus the heavier GMC Yukon XL I drive, which would you assume rides best, give me your honest answer and why you answer this way? Remember, we are not talking about traction and slope handling capability, we are talking only about ride and comfort.

I don't care how many people you talk to that tells you this, and tells you that, including "greenology" with his video, the new-style Hustler Super Z with its heavier weight and longer wheel base rides and operates extremely well, and better than the lighter, shorter wheel base older style model Super Z.

The people the guy spoke of owning 30 or 40 Super Z mowers have no idea how they ride period, much less day-in and day-out/
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