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You must live is a special Climate pocket near the coast to have missed the last 3 years of hard freezes that we had in S.W. Fla. I am not saying there aren't Micro Climates in Florida. Tampa Bay area is a Micro climate because of the Bay that keeps it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You can grow coconut trees in St Pete but they won't survive the winter 50 miles south in inland Sarasota County.

I need to Correct my above statement. Coconut trees will grow in Sarasota County but won't produce Coconuts. Sarasota is in CENTRAL Fla. The South Sarasota County Line is the Demarcation point between S W and Central Fla.

As you drive South on Hwy 41 from Tampa, First you leave that micro Climate. But as you drive the Landscape becomes more and more Tropical.

East Coast of Fla has a huge Micro Climate because of the Gulf Stream.


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