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I worked on a guys National 84" real mower several times. He had a lot of little problems and was un-happy with its cut. So I when out to see what his problem was. Basically these golf/fairway mower are designed to mow every 3 or 4 day and to a much different type of grass that is seen on most lawns. IT just did not work, so he wanted to sell it to me. I took it and played with it for about 2 weeks on some of my larger commercial lawns. It was a beast, I could not get it to look as nice as anyone hoped. I took it back and I think a junk guy gave scrap iron price for it after he took the motor off.

I am a old farm from my past youth, I still help a farmer harvest and fall plow/ripp ground.
What I would like to see is a mower that can cut and make small round bales without a 25,000 price tag. Right now feed for cows and horses is going through the roof with this drought we just had. I know of 6 or 8 small horse lovers that would love a reasonable price small bail of grass to feed to there horses.

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