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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
I agree with puppy & TN GC about the weight. Heavier is better for both traction and ride. The one area that extra weight is not your friend, is on hillsides when the weight is above the midline of the machine giving you a higher COG.

I'm old enough to remember when cars were cars. Even though suspension technology has moved forwards by leaps and bounds, those old "heavy" cars of the '60's and 70's rode worlds better than later cars, especiallly those like todays full sized so called "heavy" cars do. Is just common sense. More weight will require more force to move, and more weight will absorb more impact before moving.
I'm 63 yrs. old and been on far too much farm equipment not to realize that a shorter wheel base and/or lighter weight gives a much worse ride.

Originally Posted by TNGrassCutter View Post
Is that one of the reasons they fill tractor tires with fluid? And for the guy with 40 mowers, he probably never used one, if I had that much business I sure wouldn't be sitting on one all day.
If a person is looking after a business with 40 mowers running, he probably has no idea of what they each look like, much less how they ride. The reason we've put fluid in tractor tires for years is to put the power on the ground by reducing slippage, and the added benefit is forcing the tractor to hug the ground and lessen the jolt of bumps in the field, which in return makes it ride much smoother.
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