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Originally Posted by Dave Stuart View Post
No problem, actually I was off by 15% / the ICMB is at 31 % which puts the total N at 15.5 lbs for the 50 lb bag - this equates to 1.9 lbs of N per 1000 k.

A little higher than normal although the seed pod is sprayed and nitrogen will release in a more timely manner, not all will be utilized effectively there will be some losses such as denitrification, dinitrogen gas and nitric oxide conversion.


I think your analysis is off, Dave.

The percentages you cited were the contents of the seed treatment -- the liquid that is sprayed on the outside of the seed.

If we could see the entire label, it should tell us how much of the seed treatment mixture was applied. But, since we can't see that, we'll have to go back to the seed label.

All seed treatments (as well as chaff) are listed under "inert matter" on the seed label. Since the INERT MATTER section is listed as 0.57% (by weight) of the 50# bag, the seed treatment can make up no more that 0.285# (4.5 oz). With the ICMB being 31% of the seed treatment, the total N in the bag is no more than 0.0855# (1.395 oz).

If you're seeding at 50#/ 8000 sq ft (6.25# product/M), your N rate would be no more than 0.01# N/M.

I don't think this is necessarily a problem, since you're applying seed, NOT a fertilizer. But, I don't think that the things in the seed treatment are going to do you much good.
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