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Originally Posted by Tharrell View Post
I really love this machine. I'm going to buy more in the future.
The dealer I have is absolutely great and that makes a big difference.
The only things that come to mind that are minor problems are getting used to the fixed front axle, getting stuck 3 times coming off curbs so far and the flaking paint on the deck.
When I used to roll out of a ditch with my Lesco Z2, both wheels were on the ground and with all the power of this new machine it would rear up so I had to build some confidence. Also, the first time I had it out, I pushed the handles forward just like I did with my Z2 and the front wheels came up.
This contributed to the fear when coming out of a ditch.
I've gotten stuck on curbs 3 times so far, I think the frame is lower in the back than my other Z.
I take deliberate action to angle the approach more than I used to to avoid this.
And of course, buying a machine this expensive and having the paint flake off the deck is disturbing.
If you want to know how I feel about this machine, look in the testimonials section of my dealers website.
WOW....talkin' about an aggressive tread design....that thing looks like it should have a turning plow behind it! Lookin' good!
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