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Originally Posted by CraigPLC View Post
If you ever need help with what your vehicle is REALLY worth, and what is a fair price for a new or used vehicle. Let me know, I will give the numbers and evidence to walk in and kick their booties!!!

Remember one thing, the most it will cost you to ship a car or truck from any point in the U.S. is $1,200. With that knowledge you can leverage a truck sitting in Portland OR, against a dealer in Virginia. I can get this Truck for $3,000 cheaper than your, it would only cost me $1,200 to ship it, so you can sell me yours at $$$$. I just bought a Trailblazer for $9,000 with 43,000 miles on it. Why, cause I could buy one in Florida for $9,000 with only 38,000 miles on it. So I told the sales manager, "You took that thing in for $7,500 max, cause if you paid more than that, than you should be fired! You put a max of $500 into it, and $1,000 profit is fair. So I can get this one, at the same price and it has less miles, but it will cost me $580 to get it shipped, or I can take yours at the same price and live with the extra mileage." No... I can't do that, I need $14,999. "No you want a Home Run, and I willing to give ya single. But you still get a hit, and you don't have to floor plan it." Ok, $12,999 "No!" silence... Ok, $10,999. "NO!" more silence... Ok, You're killing me, $9,999 "NO!" Son of a beach, $9,499. "NO!" ok... sell it to him... So I got it at my price, Bose Sound, Power Everything, New Tires, Sunroof, etc.

I may suck at buying a mower, but I know the auto industry, and I know how to get the absolute best price. Oh, and you can negotiate a truck in Oregon for delivery to wherever and you'll give half, and upon delivery and after you test drive it and like it, you'll give the rest of the money - based on approved credit. If you don't like it, you load it back up and you're just out the transport cost. But I used to buy a lot of Corvettes from Florida and sell them up here in Michigan, cause I could get a Corvette in Florida about $5,000 cheaper than I could in Michigan.

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